transitionnetwork-endorsement-marqueTransition Stourbridge is a community-led response to climate change, inequality and shrinking supplies of cheap energy (peak oil). This process, called ‘Transition’ aims to create stronger, happier communities.

We are based in and around Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK and are part of the Transition Movement.

Some of the things we get up to and other projects in the Stourbridge and Dudley areas are:

The Transition Movement

The Transition Towns movement was started by Rob Hopkins when he wrote the Transition Handbook in 2008. The Transition movement has grown from just two groups in 2006 (Kinsale, Ireland and Totnes, England) to over 1,107 initiatives in more than 43 countries across the world in 2013.

Rob Hopkins, the co-founder of the Transition Towns movement, argues for a new approach to energy, society and our surroundings. Listen to Radio 4 Talk.

He is the author of the Transition Handbook – “A Transition Guide from Oil Dependency to Local Resilience”